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Preparing A Home for a Photoshoot

  • Entire Home

    • Turn ALL lights on​ including lamps, stove lights and under cabinet lights if any, and kitchen sink lights

    • Turn Ceiling fans off

    • Open all shades and blinds

  • In Every Room

    • Remove clutter and personal items​

    • Remove rugs and bathmats 

    • Clear off all surfaces (less is more!)

    • Remove all knick knacks 

    • Clear front of refrigerator (magnets, papers, etc.)

    • Hide pet toys, bowls, and beds

    • Vacuum, mop, clean carpets

    • Wash windows, counter tops, and mirrors

    • Replace blown lightbulbs 

  • Bathrooms

    • Remove Scales​, towels and robes from the back of the door

    • Remove Toiletries from sink

    • Toilet lid down

    • Rugs/Bathmats out of sight 

  • Exterior

    • Mow lawn​

    • Fresh Mulch

    • Clear yard of debris

    • Hoses away

    • Cars out of driveway 

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