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Covid-19 Guidelines for Real Estate Photoshoots:

We will be doing occupied homes as well as vacants, with guidelines in place that must be followed. . These guidelines are important both for the safety of our clients as well as our own families. 


Below are the parameters we will be using to photograph homes during this time for our safety AND the safety of agents and homeowners.

            •         We will be wearing masks during the shoot and maintaining social distancing protocols AT all times

            •         Have the property Photo READY  - due to this current situation we will not be moving any personal items.

                       Please have all lights on and make sure the home is well ventilated 

Short checklist to help –

- Clutter off countertops

-Make sure trash cans are hidden or in a obscured location

- ALL LIGHTS ON, including the light over the stove if applicable

- Blinds open, or up – making sure they are all at the same level

- Pet beds and pet bowls out of sight

-Anything you don’t want in the photos, please hide or remove prior to shoot (ex: Laundry baskets, etc)

-All Toilet lids closed


•          Most importantly: Homeowners & Agents/Clients MUST exit the home. during the photoshoot.   This will also allow us to get in and work faster so you aren’t waiting too long.  We will not be inside at the same time as any homeowner or agent, everyone must remain outdoors or in their car for the duration of the shoot. This is for the safety of not only ourselves, but for you and the homeowners as well.


•          We will NOT photograph a home that has anyone that has been ill , has symptoms or has tested positive for Covid-19


•          Please pass this info on to homeowners and any other staff who may typically be present for a real estate photoshoot so they can make a plan for how/where to spend the hour or so while I'm inside (time depends on home sftg) . These are protective measures that I and many of my fellow RE photographers I have agreed to implement in an effort to stay safe while continuing to produce work for our clients for as long as possible.  We will be keeping our eyes on the situation and will adapt as things change. 


We appreciate your cooperation! Thank you so much for helping us do our best to keep everyone safe! 

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